Consider Him


This is the hymn setting of the arrangement Consider Him which was recorded on the Galkin Evangelistic Team’s Consider Him.



Check out this description of the song from lyricist Andy Gleiser.

This song was conceived during a 2008 teen camp service. Evangelist Will Galkin preached on discouragement from Hebrews 12:3-5. During the sermon, he made a strong statement. “Do you really want to be like Jesus? Then get back on your cross.” When discouragements come and you are weary in the fight, consider what Jesus endured and find his grace is sufficient for you.

It was one of those moments when God’s presence felt especially near. Living for Jesus always costs, but in comparison to the cross, what have I really suffered for Jesus? He is my example and my strength who enables me to endure the weighty responsibility of following him.

A couple of months later, I ran into Will again and shared what a blessing his sermon had been to me that night at camp. I even mentioned I was trying to write a song from his exposition. He lit up and encouraged me to send the text to Reba. I had never met her, but I knew she was traveling on the Galkin team. By early 2009, I emailed the finished text to Reba.

As always, we went to teen camp the following summer of 2009. During registration, one of the staff members said to me, “Are you Andy? I’m Reba Snyder. I think I have a poem you sent me.” Through her guidance and suggestions, I eventually changed the original text and constructed the final version around Christmas. By early 2010, she had put a beautiful melody to the song, and a friendship was begun. The first time I heard her music with the text, I remember thinking, “Yes! That’s how I wanted this to sound.”


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