You are the Christ

A few years ago, I received a text from a youth pastor friend of mine named Andy Gleiser.  We had previously collaborated on the hymn Consider Him.  The text was titled You are the Christ.  Immediately the chorus grabbed my attention and my thoughts were drawn to the scripture passage where Peter proclaimed to Jesus,”You are the Christ!”  I have always loved that passage of Scripture and was excited to see Andy write a poem for it.  I began working on the tune for the text.  The chorus came write away but for months I struggled with the right tune for the stanza.  Finally, almost a year later, I sent several different versions of the tune to Andy to get his opinion.  We settled on a tune and I set it as a 4-part hymn.  A couple months later, Matt Taylor, music director at The WILDS, asked me to work on some music arrangements for him.  I sent him the hymn You are the Christ, and he asked me to do an arrangement of the song for their upcoming cd and choral club.  I arranged the hymn.  During the recording session for The WILDS, I heard the hymn sung for the first time.  Every time the choir proclaimed, “You are the Christ! Son of the living God!”, I was overcome with awe and joy at the declaration of who Jesus is.  When Andy and I write hymns, we pray that God would use our little offerings of music in any way He desires for the furtherance of the gospel.



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